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What Is Smile Makeover? 

Hollywood Smile or Smile Makeover is a cosmetic dentistry term which includes several cosmetic treatments aimed to achieve the right shape, color, and teeth size in order to get you the perfect smile.

In This procedure uses film-like covers to correct all issues. Whether pigmentation, chipping, & shape-related issues. It’s long-lasting, effective, & most importantly natural looking.

The secret to a beautiful smile makeover is custom smile design. A good dentist will ensure that your smile design for the Hollywood Smile is unique to you.

In Which Cases Is Smile Makeover Applied in Turkey?

  • Discolored tooth

  • Front tooth decay

  • Misaligned tooth

  • Broken and cracked tooth structure

  • In the disfigurement of the gums

  • Tooth deficiencies

  • In cases of incompatibility in tooth size

  • Anterior tooth fractures due to trauma

How Is Smile Design Done in Turkey?

In the smile design process, a personalized route is determined according to the needs of the patient. Because each patient’s desire to undergo this operation is different. Concepts such as the patient’s expectations, mouth structure, problems, facial structure, and age are also important.

The patient’s problems are determined on the models prepared with the measurements taken from the patient’s mouth, and the procedures to be performed are rehearsed. The appearance that the patient will have after the treatment is planned with computer programs and these are shown to the patient.

After all these, if there are tooth decay or other orthodontic problems, they are resolved. Decayed teeth are extracted, and implant treatment is applied for missing teeth. After the surgical applications are over, there is a recovery period. Although this period varies from person to person, it can take 3-5 months on average. Then teeth whitening is applied. Aesthetic defects on the teeth are eliminated by some methods. If necessary, porcelain or zirconium veneers can be made. In some cases, medical aesthetic applications such as lip augmentation are also used during a smile makeover.


How Much Is A Smile Makeover in Turkey? 


Smile Makeover 20 porcelain teeth & 20 zirconium teeth cost are approximately 3500 €.  However, as we said, prices will vary according to appropriate transactions.


What Are Smile Makeover Applications in Turkey? 


Who is Not Applied to Smile Makeover?

Smile makeover applications are not recommended in young individuals who have not reached adulthood since the chin, teeth, lips, and face harmony is not yet established. Since there is no intervention to the natural tooth in applications with laminate veneers made only without cutting and interfering with the tooth, young individuals can be designed with laminated surfaces.

How Long Does Smile Makeover Take in Turkey?

The makeover process is usually completed in 2 sessions. In this process, the makeover features that will be ideal for the patient are determined in detail by presenting the planned makeover to the patient in a digital environment and rehearsing it on the patient under appropriate conditions. If the makeover design is decided definitely, the treatment process begins. Treatment procedures are usually completed in 3 sessions. However, the number of sessions may vary depending on the condition of the teeth and the procedure to be performed. the average treatment period can be between 4 and 7 days.

What Are The Hollywood Smile Design Criteria? 

Teeth: The upper front teeth should be even and should not contain any visible fillers. Upper incisors should be front and apparent compared to the other teeth.


Lips: They should be symmetrical and prominent.


Gingiva: The ideal appearance of the gingiva at the top is 2mm, and the gingival color should be compatible your skin tone.


Lip width: It should be half the width of the face.


Smile line: Editing the line opposite your smile line.


Material quality: It is very important to use dental veneer materials closest to the natural appearance with high light transmittance.


 These criteria may vary from person to person, but “Hollywood Smile” is often described by experts in this way.



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